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i'm glad that there is an absolute commitment to advancing the goal of your pin interest and we have a very ambitious plans to be a billion pieces country to be a bit ambitious going to live especially in the for you to get ration of you know cut for changing. face of the country to become a society from the end of the future to. do. just this all of this of one fool can be at the wrong end of the so when their right mind would actually want to be a colony. he
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. isn't even a snake stay yugoslavia's and ask well you know he's eating my leaves it was a mini was love those demons of his and yeah it was like a. scene in most of the frozen stuff and the rest of the thought of it in its final days. but as you some hope to not only not a mistake that he. made such a list that. i don't think my early childhood yugoslavia was bad at all i always got a lot of presents the family was close and close friends were the extended family very close culture and people really care about each other in so many ways that. you just don't see that here the same way it's very isolated from each other very work and i go home and just watch television even when we like to watch t.v. as well and even had a camcorder which i being a cinematically gifted child that i was always tried to get my hands on.
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what i really wanted was a camera he was holding her mom took over the camera so that i could come i changed my story. as a clever child clever like a fox which was one of the characters in my favorite show good night gets one real and imagined the watch. as i was getting a little old for those kinds of stories i did what every slum didn't summer one month free vacation with pay alone is the last time i had a month vacation. the way ubisoft's had it every single year but i never noticed i was too young during the times coming to students labia and now i know what you're thinking communism can do. well for two decades prior to one nine hundred eighty yugoslavia was prospering with this annual g.d.p. growth averaging six point one percent a decent standard of living. free medical care and education guaranteed right to
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a job affordable public transportation housing and utilities literacy rate over ninety percent life expectancy was seventy two years most of the economy was in the public not for profit sector is a clear. sign that was. either sabia was a different case because if it had established its own form of a socialist model of economic activity which was a mixed economy with private capital it's enterprise with state run industry and with worker cooperatives it was considered to be a success story of bucket socialism it had higher rates of growth than most of the countries of western europe it had been advanced well first states it was a multi-ethnic society. which lived in the holy land in many regards
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it was a model of development on. the floor i can see where we yugoslavia was located between greece italy and romania and it was populated by serbs croats bosnian muslims slovenes macedonians all of which are slavs and albanians from gains in others their country was the result of a long fight to unite the people to show the world what they can achieve if they work together regardless of what happened in the past throughout history this idea has been a thorn in the eye of many empires and world powers the idea was that the southern swabs would not remain weak divided people falling out among themselves or falling prey to some imperialist outsider when the austrians illegally took over bosnia and its largest population one thousand wait the yugoslav dream had never been more threatened so a group of yugoslav nationalists young bosnia which included serbs muslims and croats decided that enough. it was enough young man perhaps you've heard of the
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real principal shot and killed the austrian archduke ferdinand in sarajevo. afterwards he was quoted as saying i am a yugoslav nationalist aiming for the unification of all yugoslavs we must be free from austria although the assassination of their arch you did kind of make the austrians men and heck now they had a reason to attack the last logic stronghold serbia this was however not the real reason for the attack the austrians and germans had a plan to expand their empire to the east war was the only way they to achieve this . scheme king during the early period of world war one a bunch of yugoslav politicians fled the hapsburg empire in a form of the us subcommittee in london to raise funds and realize the yugoslav dream towards the end of the war the committee met up in court for greece with the serbian government and the clear that serbs croats and slovenes were quote the same by blood by language by the feelings of their unity by the continuity and integrity
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of the territory in which they inhabit undivided lead and by the common vital interests of their national survival and many full development of their moral and material life this was what the austrians and ottomans of. the old world order was gone to the slavs finally got a country of them sick. the kingdom of yugoslavia was short lived because another war was brewing soon likes of which the world has never seen hopes of keeping it was lobby out of the work you saw prince paul signed the treaty party treaty with nazi germany nine hundred forty one but the british unlike this so they encourage the could a ton mass rebellion against the. british were happy hitler wasn't that he was so angry he wanted to wipe yugoslavia out the map. yugoslavia was tacked from ash. at that time was divided up into twelve pieces and some of
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it went to fascist hungary some of it went to fascist italy macedonia went to the ariens and the albanians and and serbia was occupied by the math and then ruled by the germans and bosnia were united in a fascist state under the regime this was called the independent state of croatia the idea of course in one thousand nine hundred one was that croatia would be a condominium full of german power in the balkans the creation fascists were quick to start radically all not. only as hitler's final solution was applied here as well hundreds of thousands of serbs but also jews roman others were killed most of them at the fourth largest concentration camp in europe yes and that's all number of six hundred thousand were killed at the sound of a. ration inquisition which took place in world war two
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makes the spanish inquisition just look like child's play pope pius supported this fascist regime the top leadership of the vatican was fully cognizant of what was going on there on the other hand royalists loyal to the crown called check next decided to act to check next with the resistance movement which even though the claimed it's still. the yugoslav the royal yugoslav on me in the fatherland was composed almost exclusively of soaps however after the bloody german the retries. in the fall of one thousand nine hundred one the czech next realized that continued resistance attendee cost when the germans were killed a hundred steps from a single bed german was self-defeating and suicide the certain matters west they just wanted to german bodies so all aid to the chantix was cut and shifted towards another group of fighters who managed to neutralize all on the groups the yugoslav
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part as a man and. the communists made up of members of all the cities were led by a guy call to nine hundred forty three tito declared the new yugoslavia which was finally liberated two years later tito if nothing else was brilliant at playing pool to games with big powers for his own interest which is just what yugoslavia needed to gain complete independence it's important to say that tito wasn't just a leader he was a brand recognizing the role. she was one of the founders of the nonaligned movement and why were they so important they were able to play a middle ground for the great powers. that allowed the great powers to. talk to each other and discuss it she said look he talked about full hopes to perform the difficult feat of walking both sides of the street east was. tito strong arm kept the country together when he died on may fourth one thousand nine
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hundred eighty many in yugoslavia a crime maybe not so much for him as much as they were crying for yugoslavia itself . this funeral was the largest funeral for a statesman in recorded history. then things started to fall apart and yugoslavia began to get into debt to international creditors shortly after tito's death in one thousand nine hundred four while the eyes of the world were pointed at sarajevo where the winter olympic games were being held the reagan administration was specifically targeting the yugoslav economy in a secret memo national security decisions directive one three three which stated that u.s. policy will be to promote the trend towards a market oriented yugoslav economy and that was in line with previous decisions directives advocated expanded efforts to promote
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a quiet revolution to overthrow communist governments and parties. triggers a whole series of other initiatives most of which sunbelt published the decision directive city states that what the united states would want to achieve is that yugoslavia ceased to be a market socialist economy and become a free book at the call of the multiple of the west as the soviet system was on its last legs in one thousand nine hundred eight washington wasted no time in sending advisors to yugoslavia from a nonprofit organization with a high sounding name national anthem for democracy or anybody going in and welcome. it's good to have you all here to help celebrate the launching of a program with a vision and a and a noble purpose the establishment of the national endowment goes right to the heart of america's faith in democratic ideals and institutions but however alan weinstein who planned the end he told the washington post in one thousand nine hundred one
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that a lot of what we do today was done covertly twenty five years ago by the cia this basically means that the anybody was really a sort of cia spin on. my marinates join me on the first in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary and for news and much much. only on the best and only. place. of. plenty it was they come up very hard to make outlets to get along here
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a lot never had sex with her risk their lives little. low. limit the amount length. play. live. a. your friends post a photo from a vacation you can't afford college different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tense tear
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jerking poetry keep count nora's. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed instead of having just a cia going around behind the scenes and trying to manipulate the process secretly by inserting money here and instructions there and so forth they have now a psychic which is this national endowment for democracy all year any day that's the anybody started handing out generous bribes in every corner of yugoslavia financing opposition groups buying up hungry young journalists with dreams of a few life and financing trade union opposition pro i.m.f. economists and human rights n.g.o.s the national endowment for democracy also controls and pays for the center for international private enterprise which in turn funded the g seventy who were the g seventeen they were an ngo made up of seventeen free market economists with three of the leading members being washington based as
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members of the international monetary fund and world bank where each jacob and bronco milan are each coordinator professor of a selling book which worked closely with the world bank and as the minister of privatization under yugoslav premier on to markovitch he was in charge of the world bank bankruptcy program in yugoslavia during one thousand nine hundred nine in one thousand nine hundred which led to the devastation of the yugoslav economy other members of the g. seventeen consulted for the world bank and ten world bank organized meetings in two thousand and two they formed a political party in serbia and since then to spite the fact that in every election the bottom a tween seven and eleven percent of the popular vote she seventeen control the ministry of finance and the ministry of economy of serbia this is not simply a group of economists. it is a network the i.m.f. and world bank used this network to impose their policies on yugoslavia and how do they do it first they force governments to do away with any social protection subsidize food or rent free transportation free medical care you know all those
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things you don't really need out there when you cut back in public sector spending you cut wages you cut employment you abolish work a management enterprises in other words you force your people to work harder for less second they use economic manipulation and new laws to force businesses public and private into bankruptcy the world bank describes the second isn't as a trigger as a trigger mechanism they use that they say we need to trigger the bankruptcy of us love in this. then these businesses are taken over by a small clique of leveraged buyout speculators and other powerful for economic interests they've purchased the businesses at rock bottom prices creditors put simply take hold of these of of these enterprises within a forty five day period and either the enterprise that closed or it was five it
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just this is called privatization through liquidation world bank debt a confirms in under book a teacher's direction from january one thousand nine hundred ninety s. attender in one thousand nine hundred more than one thousand one hundred industrial firms were wiped out. the standard of living declined eighteen percent between january and up holbourne one thousand nine hundred this downturn raise unemployment to twenty percent and thus increased tensions between republics impoverished the population through this these sweeping i.m.f. reforms which in turn contributed to your heightening socialistic strife so you have the satisfaction of everybody and everybody is looking for a. party. that you can all session which sits on the stool or sit. on it was that. quick but would have broken doing until it doesn't i just did and that's a moment to get it he skipped he did that a lot was it just in a nickel big new cut going it goes with the down and the up and desperation prime
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minister marc rich visited washington to meet with president george bush he said that rising tensions among nationalities would be a consequence of his austerity privatization plan so he asked for a billion dollars in aid and said that if a didn't come there would be trouble and we all know the americans didn't want any trouble in november of one nine hundred ninety president george bush went to the u.s. congress and pressured them to pass the foreign appropriations law that calls for the cutting off all aid and credits the yugoslavian the law also demanded that if any republic in yugoslavia wanted further u.s. aid it would have to break away from yugoslavia and declare its independence ok it's not a conspiracy theory it's not my speculation it's not my analysis it's a public law it's a public law that required the us state department approval of election procedures
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and results in every one of the republics it required that the republicans do not hold national elections but hold the lections only in their own republics and that the aid would go chill individually to those republics when the aid did go. it went to those groups which the us defined as democratic groups which meant small rightwing ultra nationalist and even fascistic parties this fracturing of yugoslavia was not the result of preexisting internal divisions those internal divisions were high and as a result of outside intervention by one thousand nine hundred one the inflation was two hundred percent and the yugoslav federal government was unable to pay the enormous interest on its foreign debt or even to arrange the purchase of raw materials for its industry credit collapsed and recriminations broke out on all sides cooperation between the republics and the belgrade central government virtually ceased the republics were not getting any money from the federal
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government they were transferring the tax revenues so the whole federal fiscal structure collapsed and the republics were left to their own devices and then came in of course the new form of nationalism as the americans demanded multiparty elections were held and economic policy was at the center of the political debate as nationalist and separatist coalitions ousted the communists in croatia bosnia and slovenia and with the republics at another strobes both the economy and the nation itself embarked on a vicious downward spiral and of course the local people down with. the. memory going to enter. into. the midst of the people needed a hero to save them somewhere with their interests at heart instead. they got these guys. in one thousand nine hundred one elections were held in the bosnian republic
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of yugoslavia. a former nazi collaborator in world war two was a candidate who had an islamist vision for the mainly christian bosnia as professed in this little book you wrote. there can be neither peace nor coexistence between the islam a religion and honest on the social and political institutions ali i lost the election of the moderate muslim leader feek adopt each losing the elections didn't stop our alioto he made a deal with speaker it where are you i would be president but would quit after a year or so faster than you can see islam a declaration ali i made sure his presidency was extended due to the crisis as you can have a power struggle in such tragic times and in fact there was a moment when i could have prevented the war when he signed the lisbon agreement in one thousand nine hundred two which would have made bosnia confederation of three regions didn't like this he wanted all the power luckily for him the americans didn't like this peace idea either so the american ambassador to yugoslavia one
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simran stepped down so my cabin was in this meeting with zimmerman and is a beggar which is a beggar it's just come back from was been and zimmerman says to him well. you know you could get a lot more from us recognition if you just waited. and mike had told me here does draw just hit the floor if you don't like it why sign. the american vice and withdrew his signature for the fight his power and the americans recognized that another guy who just loved his power was the one the only slobodan milosevic slovo as masses like to call him knew how to use those masses to get what he wanted. the luck and help from his close friend even the president of serbia he got sent to kosovo in one thousand nine hundred seven where serbs felt threatened by the albanians during a scuffle with the police one serb asked lobel why the police was beating them
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putting their lives up and then rightly proclaim arrested for it. i became an overnight star as protective of all servants all over this incident the police will stray localized this guy needed bigger states. so because he was so thankful this friend even he booted him from the presidency he also got killed decades later you'd think that after a slow build it and he president of serbia he'd calm down but no he still needed a bigger stage and what luck the big anniversary was coming oh as surgery miking the six hundredth anniversary of the battle of kosovo which is the crux of their historical culture waving serbian yugoslav american canadian flags patriotic songs civil took the stage with west described as nationalist call to arms and playing the us there was no audio version that's when i was led into the on on what is now a study some old war story my book when i have no problem was the same you could not see jack way when noisy. where people were the way it was no i don't know it's
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you know me. who killed me best case you move you know me my that was me one hell of a what going on in all our church you're gonna do me with a lot it will bless you keep wasn't it's a quiz suited to give one delays as well it may be wasn't that inflammatory but at least the opera singers afterwards are pretty cool little own but if you think this guy had high ambitions what about a guy being compared to jesus christ to see a nice. clean clothes to signal if you lose a limb political tone in his lonely old models no need see. plenty going on seven string on a sleep she may lose a room with these morons pulls the. old leaf and the savior of the creation people trying to teach no pressure away now
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from when the elections fair and square but the people around him were unfairly that good at hiding what was going to happen next to the couple that at that. even these guys aren't buying it. as government was quick to arm themselves illegally. i deserved yeah right what about this anymore. it seemed like war was the only option thankfully there were many citizens who just said now. you this lost a lot to lose if you can slavia broke up for fifty years they grew up together lived together married each other and at the center of all this was boston was a mixed population of muslims serbs and croats a sort of mini yugoslavia and itself massive antiwar rallies were held in its
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capital sarajevo which had the largest number of ethnically mixed marriages with the message to the politicians don't sacrifice peace for political ambition. it was higher interest in keeping yugoslavia together as a politician's decided to send a message of their own to the demonstrators. to the scenes to see. slovenia in croatia where the first who decided that peaceful negotiations weren't working out for them so they unilaterally declared independence in one thousand nine hundred one. that was done and someone started out in there with the stuff that is out. bosnia followed in one thousand nine hundred of them were quickly recognized by the west when the white house announced that we would be recognizing slovenia croatia and bosnia we had the state department had no idea
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what that the i was a desk officer based on the careful consideration of the goodness invited by it. joining me. for today's impartial and financial commentary interview and much much. only on the bus and only on. us. go right to. the point of what you like
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but. this. is not just about steve jobs if he sees the state aid to deal with speech although he sat. in on the boat one of them said that they. need a bigger boat. told me forces in eastern ukraine refused to surrender is continues its ultimately
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attacks across the region we visit the training camp the self defense fighters. the crane's government fails to meet a deadline. by russia to start paying off its gas debt and faces a supply cut off later today if the talks break through. zero tolerance for rough sleepers london so-called defensive architecture triggers anger and frustration. coming up on r.t. we'll be telling you how these small spikes on one london see in.
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